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A list of V-NET user contacts. It provides gateways for a user to link his/her V-NET account network to other ones out there. However it is not fully implemented in the present version of the system.

A list of local contacts inside of the present device. A user can try to map his/her local contacts to V-NET registered users here.

If you find V-NET useful, the button before the mobile phone number of a contact can be used to share with him/her your finding via a short message or an email message.

One can earn 1-Coins in the process of inviting a local contacts to join V-NET. An initial small amount of 1-Coins are added to the 1-Balance of one's account after sending each invitation message. When an invited contact successfully join V-NET either using the link provided in the message or he/she registers through normal web page and then paste the link into the "Accept Invitation Code" input box at the top of the Contacts tab page and submit the code, another larger amount of 1-Coins will be added to the same user's 1-Balance. In the meantime, invited local contacts becomes one's V-NET contacts after accepting the invitation.

This tab page is used to manage the contacts of a V-NET member coming from both inside or outside of V-NET. For those contacts of the user who are not members of V-NET, the member can send invitation emails to them to invite them to join. The emails contain a registration link in terms hyper-link and a scannable 2D barcode that the contacts can use to register new accounts. Those who uses this kind of link to register will automatically become mutual V-NET contacts of the inviter. However, for those contacts who uses the front page of V-NET to register, they still can establish such kind of mutual contacts on V-NET inside this tab page after the registration using the content of the invitation link contained in the invitation email.

Albeit the social part of V-NET is not fully developed in the present version of the system, it will play an important role in the future. So it's better to start early.

Plus, both the inviter and invitee are rewarded after establish relationship in such a way in the form of 1-Coins, which is the virtual currency of V-NET.

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