Middle layer services and components for V-NET that third-party can use to build their own private network or construct their own private network based applications.

V-NET Gateway Standalone

V-NET gateways are building blocks for users to construct their own private flat p2p networks across multiple local area networks (LAN). It does not require reconfigurations of existing LANs, like what systems that are base upon traditional VPN do, so that it can be scaled out easily. It can also connects multiple remote LANs at the same time. A pair of it is needed to host multiple tunnels (virtual cables) that transcend the network hierarchy of the physical one that users most likely are in. Each outgoing tunnel has an entry port that understand SOCKS 5 protocol. Client of the gateway connect to remote systems or services through the corresponding port.

The standalone desktop edition of the the gateway is suitable for new or non-technical users and usage scenarios. It is easy to install and use because it requires almost no configuration. For more sophisticated deployment and/or usage requirements, one of the service editions of the V-NET gateway should be chosen.

Windows ( >= Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 )

 Version: 0.6.2 rc ( RC )
  System: 64 bit
    Download Installer ( 108.19 MB, 5 years ago )