What is "Endpoint integrity check failed"?

Please explain.


Each endpoint in V-NET has an identity that is authenticated in background, together with the one for the user, during the login processes by the system. The system will deny access when any of the authentications fails. When the system fails to authenticate the endpoint, it will issue the "Endpoint integrity check failed!" message. It means that for some reasons, the present endpoint is claiming or using an existing identity that does not belong to it.

If it is done by the user deliberately, please stop it since it violates the security protocol of V-NET.

However, this could also happen under other scenarios, like

  • The user is accessing V-NET through certain type of specialized HTTP proxy that modifies or filter out certain http headers.

  • The installer of some browsers (like Opera or Chrome) tries to copy user local information from other type of existing browser during the installation process. This is could bring some convenience in most contemporary application scenarios, but it is considered bad behaviors in V-NET. However, one can reset the endpoint to recover from it. Check the "Reset Endpoint" checkbox, as shown in the following figure, and follow the instructions that appear to accomplish it.

    Figure: Endpoint resetting.
  • When the network is too slow to has the authentication completed in certain time window, the said authentication could also fail. But this is only temporary, the user could try to login again.

Please contact us using the registered e-mail box (i.e, the one with login username as its address) to have the issue removed when the problem persists after a few attempts to solve it are made by the user.

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