Why should I join?

Please explain.


Don't you already own or have authorizations to use multiple smart phones, pads and desktop computers that you need to exchange data?

  • Yes you can use a USB data link, but not every devices support direct data links. Also, the distance between connected devices is limited.
  • Yes you can use a bluetooth or WiFi connection, but they are not available everywhere. In addition, publicly open up bluetooth or WiFi port in many usage situations can compromise the security of your system. There is also distance limitations between connected devices here.
  • Yes you can use a thumb drive, but not every devices have such drive and hardware thumb drives can be explored to spread virus easily.
  • Yes you can use a online shared drive, but here data exchange consists of multiple steps and targeted data exchange is impossible. Online drives are single points of failure in the data security or privacy sense. Device network that supports targeted data flow is essential to prevent data breach in case of your account being compromised. It is also essential for more sophisticated and/or automated data flow management in the Internet of Things (IoT) context.
  • Yes you can use email, ftp, etc. to do it, but wait ... email or ftp? That's so last century.
  • And yes there are other harder ways around, only if you like doing things the harder way.

Anyway, V-NET is easy to use. Sending and receiving data to and from any remote endpoint is ready after just a click of a button without any other setups. It have all the features needed to exchange data securely and reliably between computers and smart devices.

Do you have needs to perform audio, video, screen monitoring anywhere on the internet at anytime that is secure and without going through the complex and expensive process of setting it up? Use V-NET. Here any computer or device with a microphone or camera or screen attached can be used as a information getherer and the result can be shown on any kind of a single computer or device pre-specified by the user, which is also the only one, that is located anywhere on the internet.

Given the increasing internet access speed, do you have the needs to perform audio, video or screen one way remote cast or two way chat with others? If yes, come to V-NET, we have want you want.

IoT is coming. You will have a lot more smart devices to handle in the future.

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