Are download agents supported?

Please explain.


For each receiving items on V-NET's data sink page, there is a traditional download link button for receiving the said item in traditional ways. It is supported by all browsers. However, since the download is not handled by V-NET at the client side, data integrity checks are impossible.

There are external download agents installed in some computing environments that are attached to browsers to intercept download requests and handle them by themselves.

If such an agent does not use HTTP protocol to process the download, then it is not supported. There are also multi-threaded HTTP based external download agents that receive different parts of the content in parallel. V-NET supports such kinds of parallel download if the requests are sufficiently well formatted. In fact V-NET process data in parallel natively in express data exchange channels. But many of the said agents do not work with V-NET well at present. For that reason a download could fail to complete for these agents.

When an item fails to be received using external download agents, one should try again and click the "Cancel" button on the corresponding agent to activate the build-in downloader of the browser.

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