Introducing the advanced features page


Getting Started

The page contains a list of available service packages for advanced features. For each package, detailed information, the subscription status of the current account and buttons used to order new subscription or renew an active one are also shown.

Basic features in V-NET are free to use. There are also features that are not part of the basic ones or that performs better than the basic ones. These features are called advanced ones which are not opened to a normal user account automatically. Their availability are subscription based, some of them are free or and the other ones are charged based on a kind of virtual cash for V-NET that is called 1-Coin, which can be effectively "free".

A new account is provided with an initial amount of 1-Coins upon creation and then another large amount of it after primary e-mail address verification. When a member of V-NET send invitation e-mails or short messages to none V-NET peers who successfully register accounts on V-NET using the invitation link or code, both the inviter and the corresponding invitees will also get certain amount of 1-Coins gifts. The current balance can be checked by clicking the Assets button.

There will be an increasing variety of other ways in which a user can earn 1-Coins based on his/her contributions to the system so that these services can be used for "free". Of course, 1-Coins can be converted from supported currencies to be used to buy service subscriptions, to pay for possible 1-Coins overdrafts or to be used as 1-Coin reserves.


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