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Communication Page

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Figure: Communication panel page.

Page Components

Talking Endpoints (Two Way)

A list of all voice communication channels associated with the current endpoint is displayed inside of this panel.

  • Add Participants
    Click to pick endpoints to establish voice communication channels for the present endpoint.
  • on the right hand side of each active target endpoint. Close and remove the corresponding channel.
Voice Group Chat

Initiate, manage and participate group voice meeting here. Remote participants of the meeting and their status are shown. The green bar on the right hand side of each active participant represents the (relative) voice strength of the participant, which can be used to indicate who is currently talking.

  • Create Session
    Start creating a group voice meeting session. Any user can start a session when it is possible. It is followed by picking the initial group of participants. The present user, which will be referred to as the "initiator" in the following, becomes the manager of the meeting session. The system will automatically establish two way voice communication channels between each pair of members. In case any such channel is not successfully established, one can click the
    button to re-establish it.
  • Close Session
    Available only to the initiator. Close the current group voice meeting session. It is allowed when all other participants had left. This button will not be visible in normal uses since the session will be closed immediately after the last non-initiator participant leaves.
  • Disconnect
    Disconnect from the group meeting without leaving the meeting. The two way voice channels with other participants will be closed.
  • Reconnect
    Reconnect to a group meeting after disconnecting from it. The two way voice channels with other participants will be established.
  • Leave Session
    Leave the group meeting. The two way voice channels with other participants will be closed and membership removed. Only the initiator can bring the user back to the same session after leaving.
  • Add Participants
    Available only to the initiator. Add more active participants.
  • on the right hand side of each participant whose voice channel is broken or closed. Reconnect a broken voice channel.
One to One Chatting

Go to media chat page to start a call.

  • Multimedia Chat
    Go to the call page.

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