A service for users to connect their devices and resources anywhere on the internet.

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1-NET is a system consisting of services and clients for users to connect their computers, smart devices of increasing varieties in anywhere and at anytime. It tries to be device and network agnostic so that devices can be cross connected on the internet over any IP based network, like ethernet, WiFi or 3G/4G/5G mobile ones. All connections are encrypted using method of modern cryptography. It is simple to use, plugin and setup free. Major features of 1-NET can be reashed in a few clicks of buttons.

It can be used to exchange data, streaming realtime video/audio between devices and/or other users, text/audio/video chat, manage and control devices locally or remotely, etc.

There are a mixture of ways that a user can use to connect their devices together. One can use a browser or a 1-NET desktop client or a 1-NET mobile app.

1-NET Desktop

Starts with a list of entries for resources that a user can manage and/or exchange with others "endpoints", including devices and friends, which are just a few clicks away.

File Exchange

Direct exchange existing files, auto transfer of files generated by camera, audio/video recordings devices, etc. to a remote device or people securely without leaving or leaking any data on the "cloud".

Group Chat

Voice (or video) meeting. Collaboration at distance with security and privacy ensured.

Video Call

Interested in a video call? It can be easily done here.


Share realtime views with a few others at distance even with two way voice coordination channel open. The views do not have to come from the camera, it can be a desktop window.


Pre-authorize a few other devices from a monitoring device for on demand remote monitoring. The views do not have to come from the camera, it can be a desktop window.

Managing Files

Local files and file system manager for devices of all sizes and types gives users unified experiences.

  • 1-NET clients v0.7 beta released for internal testing.

  • Inter-peer media (audio or video) call and communication is realized.

  • The development of the social dimension of 1-NET is initiated.

  • 1-NET clients v0.6 released.

  • 1-NET back-end supporting system upgraded.

  • 1-NET media server acquired essential features.

  • Initiate 1-NET CDN long term project.

  • Media processing components of 1-NET clients are upgraded.

  • Back-end services are upgraded to allow a user to self administration the 1-NET gateway cloud fronts.

  • The desktop (computer) edition of the 1-NET gateway is deployment ready.

  • The multi-tenant 1-NET gateway cloud service system is deployment ready.

  • The cloud front for 1-NET nodes is online deployable.

  • 1-NET gateway has a remote console through the cloud front. It also supports multi-tenant so that it can be used a service in cloud environment.

  • 1-NET Cloud front essential features implemented, including multi-factor user authentication and fine grained access control.

  • 1-NET Cloud front for 1-NET is initially functional.

  • Cloud front project for 1-NET nodes is initiated.

  • The production system is still under development. Major dependencies for the subsystem are implemented. The second milestone is reached.

  • Auto production system for backend consensus based distributed relational data services is under development, the first milestone is reached.

  • Backend data services were upgraded to have systematic flatbuffers binary data serializatio