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Fig. 2: Create and load the master key.

Then create a master key. Push the "key" button (see Fig: 2) located at the upper right corner of the window to create a master key. A new dialog box pops up in which a user can enter a passphrase. Since it is the only passphrase one needs to remember, make it sufficiently difficult for others to guess. The master key is used to open the lock that secures all of passwords belonging to a given mailbox group so that a user does not need to enter the password for each mail account every time he/she needs to login. It also creates a manageable mean for the user to set strong, distinct and frequently changing password for each of his/her mail account. The user's online identity and information security improves in doing so. Of course the user has the responsibility to properly safe keeping his/her master key and mailbox group configuration files. Because of the fact that it is not necessary for them to be passed around over the internet, the said mean overcomes one of the bigger security weaknesses the presented today. But the same mean does not make it more secure than any other means on any other aspect of it usage. For the other aspects, a user should use his/her own caution and security measures (e.g. preventing key loggers from recording the master key passphrase, preventing the mailbox group configuration files from been stolen or lost, etc.).

The master key will unload together with all of the passwords for the mail accounts after it loading to improve security. That is why the system will ask the user to re-authenticate himself/herself after awhile when the user perform operations.