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Electronic Mail Aggregation Manager
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It is an e-mail client system that provide a single access point for multiple e-mail accounts. The master password for the access is kept locally, allowing a user to set long, strong and frequently changing passwords for each one of the mailboxes without having to memorize them.

It aggregates e-mail messages from a set of user's online mailboxes. Using the system, a user with large number of e-mail messages can perform detailed multi-level sort, accurate search and dynamic and multi-view organization and re-categorization operations. If present and opened, the e-mail sending service for each e-mail account can be shared by all other accounts, giving more alternative routes for an user to send e-mails in a varieties of network environments.

It also provides strong support for reading, playback and writing multimedia messages, including image collections, audio and video ones. It also contain rich options and easy to be managed message template library for a user to generate reply, forward and multimedia messages. In addition, it can read nested sub-messages of any depth that most e-mail clients can't.

This product integrates and makes use of several of our breakthrough technologies developed by the company, including but not limited to, e.g., those ones related to globalization, database and documentation, to provide user with further reaching message aggregation scope, increased organizational capabilities and improved usage experience.


  Mail Aggregator Chinese家族系列: v2.0.0.0
  Mail Aggregator English家族系列: v2.0.0.0