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6) Virtual Folders
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Virtual folders are folders created by a user that is independent of the existing folder hierarchy of the underlying OS. It transcends the OS file system to provide an alternative view of the files of the system and to provide a systematic rebuilding or restructuring operational means upon an old classification scheme that are out of data or is inappropriate in a new application context.

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A file in an OS can belong to only one folder. It is especially true for Windows OS, where hard or soft links is not possible. Many users had the experiences that hard choices had to be made when assigning a file to a proper folder. A feature of the virtual folder system is that a file or a real folder can belong to multiple virtual folders, making the process of finding an item inside the virtual folder system much easier. It also eases the process of proper classification of an item that by nature has multiple categories.

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The content of a virtual folder can be supplied in various ways, from manual assignment to fully automatic ones that are based on filter expressions.

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The feature set contained in the virtual folder system of present version of the system is still quite small, it will be continuously enriched in future versions.