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Path intelligence. All visual hierarchic file system on a desktop computer has a folder tree view on left which can be used to go from one folder to another inside of the system. If the target folder tree is too deep or for some other reasons, like on a tablet or even a smart phone, a tree view could be un-available to begin with, the user could choose to use the breadcrumbs navigator on top of the file browser. In our system, it has two modes: 1) visual modes in which a user selects available sub-folder of a folder to select the path; 2) “text” mode in which a user input the path by typing a path in. The build in path “code generator” can be used to specify the path using just four keys, namely the right, up and down arrow keys and the back delete key to select or delete without actually typing anything. The node of breadcrumb of the present system can also be clicked to have only the sub-folder tree starting with the folder been clicked to be displayed on the folder tree view. For a deep folder, this can be very useful for cleaning up an otherwise messy user interface. This feature seems to be a unique one of our products, unseen in other similar products on the market, so far (2012-07-01).