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4) View message dialogue sequence tree
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Fig. 19: The display of dialogue sequence tree.

Correlated e-mail communication is most likely a group of e-mail dialogues on certain topics between users. It starts with an initial message. The receiver(s), which could answer the currently received message one or more times or an old message one or more times. This generates a complex dialogue sequence tree. Because the user may send or receive other un-related messages during the dialogue live time, these correlated message group will interweave with each other. It requires a user to mentally reconstruct the dialogue process, which is hard and un-productive. Most e-mail clients have no means of displaying a group of correlated messages. Although Gmail is capable of gathering the correlated messages, their flat way of organizing them in a list, base on certain un-published rules, is for the most of times confusing, especially when the dialogue tree becomes sufficiently complex.

The present program can recover the dialogue sequence tree completely, like what is shown in the following figure. Using such a functionality, a user can extract amongst the interweaving messages groups the correlated ones only and display them in a tree form showing the dialogue sequence. As long as the user select a message, all messages belonging to a correlated dialogue group will be extracted and displayed on the left hand side of the message reader, as shown in the following (see Fig: 19).

Because the present edition and version of the program is using POP3 protocol to download messages, which is quite limited, only those messages from Gmail mailbox contains complete dialogue information (due to the fact that Gmail did not follow the old convention or tradition exactly). In the future enhanced edition and version of the program, the present feature will be available for most of the mailboxes on the market.